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[22 Apr 2005|12:18am]

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[21 Apr 2005|10:31pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

I lost a $5 note today.

Out of my pocket. It was IN MY POCKET.

When i got to my car, it wasnt there

Some sick freak has my $5 note and they are laughing it up.

I hope you choke on it.


On a lighter note, I bought Scribe's album today after school. Its great. I didnt think it would be this good. You know how usually youll get an album and the songs you dont know, you wont listen to much. Well this album you can listen to all the way through, its mad.

On an even lighter note, instead of saying bye, milly told me to die, then left. I feel so special.

Have a good one!

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[18 Apr 2005|08:41am]

I cried yesterday.

For the first time since that night when I spoke to him. Stuff this whole Grey crap. You guys all know his name is Ash. I need to get over him.

It's just... really degrading actually.

He's lost loads of weight recently, and he's looking good... so now he has chicks hanging off of him left right and center. Typically so, I went and told him how I felt when all of the chicks started hanging off of him. I didn't stand a chance regardless, but none-the-less. Now I've been dumped in the category of 'one of those superficial chicks' and now that I've told him a second time, he's really uncomfortable around me. Almost like I'm stalking him or something cos I didn't take no when he first told me. Thing is, I'm not one of those superficial girls who started liking him when he started taking better care of himself. No. And now that this has all happened, he has one of the most over-inflated egos I've ever encountered. :(

The truth is. I've had feelings for Ash now, for over 2 years. But I can't tell him that now can I? That would just creep him out even more...

This has been eating me for a while now... but... I can't do anything. I've been refusing to cry... Lucky Addie. One of my friends. She can't cry... I guess it's not so lucky... but I cry and express myself too much. Addie has told me before that she's jealous of me for it. But I'm jealous of her.

Her life hasn't been too peachy lately. Recently she sent me an e-mail. Saying something along the lines of "for what it's worth. I cried tonight. Well for me anyway, but it didn't make me feel any better. It was kind of like one of those pathetic cries a kid makes... howling. no tears. just howling. thats all I could do."

Well Ad. Guess what? Thats all I could do last night.

And I feel terrible. Really, I feel sick. I mean... I can't help it I have feelings for him. Especially with what I had sworn to myself after the whole "Jethro" thing.

I'll never fall again.

Typical I had to fall for someone who made me feel even worse...

Love Millie

p.s. x-posted to manas_lover and weareloveplzxd

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AT LONG LAST!!!! XD [14 Apr 2005|12:20pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Hey guys! ^_^

So much good news! ^_^ (FINALLY!!!)

1, Last night I spoke to Grey. He took us to and from our youth group activity which is half an hour away from our house! ^_^ So I had an hour of "semi-alone-time" with him (my brother was with us) but I got to talk to him ^_________^ at first he was really cold ;____; but eventually he warmed up... and it was almost like before I upset him! ^_^ I was happy. ^_^

w00t! ^_^

2, I got home last night, and after waving Grey off, I walked into the family room... and saw...

A NEW COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

with... OMG!OMG!OMG!!!!! ... USB PORTS!!! CD BURNER!!! DVD BURNER!!!! ^______________________________^ WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!


and, greasemonkey as Rach so kindly named her ^_^ was not at rehearsal last night... AND NATHAN AND AMY WERE!!!! <- Amy is back to the person I remember before the whole wedding debarcle! ^_^ WAI!!!

I'm so happy! ^_^ And now I'm in class listening to Lina play all her J-Pop! ^_^ lol! I knew I should have brought in some Miyavi! ^_^ hehe! I was talking to Grey last night about Miyavi... he seemed kinda intrested ;)

lol! ^_^

Love Millie

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just thought you might like to browse through my March avatars,,, [12 Apr 2005|01:12pm]

Here are the avatars, at long last!!! ^_^

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ENJOY!Collapse )

Damn... I'm falling asleep at the keyboard guys!

x-posted to manas_lover weareloveplzxd __millie_sama__

Love Millie

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[10 Apr 2005|09:59pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

x-posted to manas_lover and weareloveplzxd

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loooooooooooooooooooooong post ahead! [09 Apr 2005|10:16pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ok... *grins*


don't worry, I'm here now :P


ah! yes...

The jackets. Both of them are black, one is just plain black (with a few zips here and there ^_~ ) and the other has silver and glitter paint all over it in randomness.

I got 2 new silver bracelets, one just a plain chain, the other a charm bracelet.

I got a few new ornamental hair peices.

I GOT A NEW FLUFFY HAT JUST LIKE MY GREY ONE THAT LOOKS LIKE A KOALA!!!!!!! except this one is black! ^_^ hehe... one day I'll show you photos of them both... *ish in love with her hats*

... I think thats it... *grins*


ok...now to the long awaited for DEDICTAIONS!!!

NityaCollapse )

RachelCollapse )

MandyCollapse )

PaulineCollapse )



Love Millie

p.s. eep! I see little grey tomorrow... o.0 ... and ... I'm inviting him to my b-day party! ^_^ w00t! ^_^

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[09 Apr 2005|12:10am]

Hey guys, I'm really really sorry for my last post. Normally foul language isn't in my vocabulary...

I've calmed down a bit now though... and dad made me a Hot Chocolate (his are the best!)

I've fixed msot of the problems... only thing I can't fix is that all my members are gone ;_;


But anyway...

I'm really sorry guys...

I guess... that... and my art stuff... and the fact that today mum started yelling at me to get on our nebuliser, and I had no idea what her problem was... she was yelling at me to get on there before I damn well died... I've been so stressed again lately... so hurt...

I didn't realise until the medication had run out and I was shaking so badly, just how bad the asthma attack I didn't even realise I was having, was.


Again, I'm really sorry guys...

Love Millie

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[08 Apr 2005|10:43pm]

[ mood | pissed off ]

WELL MY DAY JUST GOT EVEN MORE FUCKING WORSE THAN IT ALLREADY WAS!!! I HATE YOU BLOODY BASTARD!!! I swear to God, if I ever see you again, it'll be the last time you see the light of day again. I've tollerated so much crap from you, but deleting all bar 17 members off of Pracktickal Magick? That's low Dale. I hope you die, you know how much time and work I put into that site. Not to mention, you've turned it offline and it won't let me turn it back online.

I told you, you can't come prancing back expecting for everyone to have forgiven you for the absolute crap I let you put them through, I should have left you banned. well thank-you for deleting yourself, you're a bastard, and I hate you.


My skins and all...

Just in case any of you were interested, not that any of you are... It's not like you can get there anymore... It's dead.... *cries hysterically*

The only members left:

SeCrEt AdMiReR
Silver Ice-Dragon
Virgos Shadow
Vor Tirla Laime


I finally had over 300 members... thanks Daz...


I managed to save most of my artwork... but I've strained my back doing it...



*calms down*

Sorry guys... *inhales*

I have gotten the site back online... *breathes*



ok... and I've got the skins back up too, now all I need is the members ;_;


Sorry guys... still no dedications...

Love Millie

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[07 Apr 2005|04:24pm]

Hey all, I'd like to thank nan_chan and rolephant, simply cos I can. *huggles*

And to lina_nightash, that shape you did in 3D was teh coolest! It's a pity your puter froze... and made my screen go fuzzy.


Thank-you to nousia and sye_no_more, for understanding my situation earlier... you helped me feel better... but I don't want to go home yet... *sighs*


And I have yet to do my dedication for today... hopefully I get to go online tonight... if not, I will do 2 tomorrow.

but todays is to; nousia.


hopefully I'll get it done tonight... if I don't get murdered... *sighs*


Love Millie

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[06 Apr 2005|03:57pm]



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[06 Apr 2005|02:32pm]

Title: Because I love you
Genre: Romance... FLUFF!
Ship: Harry/Hermione/Ron
Rating: G
Author: manas_lover
X-Posted To: manas_lover trio_wonderland getharrylaid pottersandwich dirty_hp_pr0n weareloveplzxd
Notes: Just a drabble I wrote whilst in Digital Design... scuse da mistakes! I'm writting on an EVIL keyboard!!! And it's a VERY unferined plot bunny... could be better if I re-write it... or I could add to it... *grins*

Because I Love You...Collapse )

I know, crap... but hey... as I said a pointless drabble, whilst in Digital Design! ^_^

Tell me what you think, though I'd rather something more constructive than 'That was crap.' thanks.

Love Millie

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[06 Apr 2005|12:48pm]


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To Kez [05 Apr 2005|08:45am]

Ok, well yesterday my dedication was to my nan-chan, today?

Well this one was marvellous! ^_^ I was so enthralled when I saw members upon members rolling in to Pracktickal Magick, I was always on cloud nine, and a bit crazy, saying 'More, more!' hehe. But I must admit. When one of our new members, meh, some chick registered as kelly_mewes, started talking to Nanja, and started talking to her lots, well... I hang my head in shame for this, but there's no point in lying. I must admit. I was very very jealous. But figuring their was nothing I could do about it... I just became more obsessed with my site, feeling I had lost my Nan-chan, so I needed something else to cling to (I was going through hell in RL at that time). But as luck would have it. As I became obsessed with my site, I was talking to members other than nan-chan (*gasps* OMG!) and that ended up meaning, I was talking to this... kelly_mewes :P

Never looked back either.

As Kez and I started to mesh, I felt more comfortable talking to nan again, and so not only did I have my coolest friend in the monoverse, but I had another super cool friend (who's status grew very quickly and joined Nan's.)

If it weren't for Nan and Kez, hell. I don't think I'd be here today. And I know that this dedication is supposed to be to Kez, but yesterday, it was supposed to be for Nan :P ... but the thing is, the two of them have become such integral people to my existance. I love both my Nan and my Kez, and the 3 of us get up to alot of mischive together!

But when Kez joined (or maybe I rejoined and nan had a +1 ^_^' ), she had this capacity to always make me laugh, to always cheer me up. I knew then and there that I had a friend for life, and one that would always be there for me. I've yet to be proven wrong!


Kezzie, thou art the best! You and your super cool musical talent, your awesome comics, and your awesome fanfics! Love you girl!

Trio forever it shall be.

Love Millie

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dedication to Nani doo [04 Apr 2005|08:05pm]

ok well yesterday was Millies dedication so today means its the mighty Nan's turn.

Ok over a year and a half ago me and Mitchel were at our old haunt the secret sis room ( a computer room only a few know of) and i was searching fan fiction.net that mitchel had shown me and the first fan fic i found was intemporalitor (<< apologies if misspelt) it was of course one of Nans fics and i was so engrossed by the story i suddenly looked up to find i was half an hour late for my IT class. Anyway she had said that if anyone wanted to email her after reading her story they were more than welcome to and i kept thinking i should email her she seems very cool but i never did cos i didnt know what to say. Anyway i kept reading the fan fic and i was really honoured when she mentioned me in her thanks for posting a review. I was like wow that is soo cool! Any way i read her later fics and she emailed me saying that one of her chapters would be late because of beta problems and i read the non beta version told her i really likeed it and we started emailing from there. Now it was quite a bad time for me when we started chatting you guys know about Jay and Charlene had been nasty to me too so i was hiding away in the computer room and i really looked forward to the email ofthe day cos it was nice to know that there were still people out there who were nice to me. I knew straight away that i could trust her and now over a year later she is now one of my best friends.
I know that sometimes when im feeling down due to something or other im not great company. I know that everyone has problems and i shouldnt bombarerd you with mine but you always stick up for me and knowing i can talk to you of a day makes time at home a lot easier to handle and you always cheer me up with your bonkersness (<< new word added to the zogtronian language)
You and me have the same interests too and im much gratefull for you introducing me to the greatness of j-rock, the most awesomeness music on the planet!!!
In the time ive known you ive become a happier, crazier more confident peerson and its all down to you and out of all the people ive ever met no ones ever had so much of a possitive effect on me.
I love talking to you and the first thing i do when i get to the computer is to see if you are on msn, i love talking with you wether it be our weird little adventures, crazy drunkenesss or just general day to day bonkersness you rule!
Im always amazed by the amount of projects you do and how you still manage to chat to us your adoring public.
Anyway i justed want to finish by saying what an awesome person you are and an extremely mint friend you are too. Your abilities whether it be your amazing talent for english ( waay better than me at english), your web/ avatar ablities and your love for music is awesome and very inspiring.
So heres to my little sis Nani doo - the craziest, coolest and awesomest person i ever did meet.

*hugs* love ya Zusje


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[05 Apr 2005|01:12pm]

I'm tired. And I feel sick.

I hate this...

my stomach hurts.

we've been playing around with a video... stoping and playing etc.


and Werner thinks they've found out who it was who stole my camera... but I have to go to the police before they tell me who. he said though that it is definitly one of my 'classmates'


I have a tterrible headache... and my cramps are murder... =x

Love Millie

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To Nan-chan [05 Apr 2005|10:51am]


As you may have seen, maybe not, but you may have, Nan, Kez, myself and a few others have started doing dedications to our friends or just people we know of, be they online or not. Today is going to be my first dedication, and yes. It is going to be to Nanja.


Nan and I first met off at Portkey a Harry Potter Shipping fansite. I remember seeing her around and her, Aramas and Nielle seemed to be interacting... Aramas being an angel to her, and she and Nielle always having a laugh, what, wih the innuendo sides, teddy, squirrel, mother hen, etc. I remember thinking 'Who is this nutcase? What a champ!!!' and tried getting words in edgways... but always getting ignored... as it turns out, later nan confessed to me that she had felt the same way in regards to me... I was just like, What the hell?!?! lol! But we were talking... sorta... to each other back in our PK days... then she came over and joined me at my first forums (thanks to Aramas) and she and I began to actually start acknowledging each other... but then I stopped going and started working on my next project... Pracktickal Magick... a couple of weeks later I got an e-mail from Nan... I was thinking 'What the hell?!?!' but at the same time thinking, 'you know, she is a bit of a sweetie!' anyway, she was asking me where everyone had gone and that made me feel sad.... so I let her in on my secret... I had started some NEW forums... PM... she came and registered, and it wasn't long before other members came piling in... ;) But the other members couldn't get in our way. Nan and I conqured the site! and man! we were crazy... when it came time for my 17th birthday... nan decided she wanted to send me something... I was a bit apprehensive at first, but reluctantly gave her my address with much giggles ^_^ I haven't regretted it in the slightest!

I remember at first our common ground was Harry Potter, Gutter City, and Aramas... ;)

We were massive fangirls of all 3... ^_^

But since then our common ground has grown, at the same time, engulfing our beloved Kez! ^_^

Nan is often very said and very busy, always very sick. I worry about her loads. But she is always there when we need her, and she never lets us down! ^_^ *huggles*

Nan is not always very confident in herself, it is obvious that her confidence has grown, even if she can't see that... but she is definitly a woman to admire!

She is a great friend, and if it weren't for her and Kez, I'm not sure I'd still be here... ;_;
She is also an excellent artist, excellent writter, excellent musician! ;)


Hell, she's just excellent! ^_^

I love you Nan-chan.

*huggles Nan and Kez*



Love Millie

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dedicated posts [03 Apr 2005|06:53pm]

ok well i got this idea from alan and so thought i'd try it. But then there was a dilemma Nan or Millie? its not like i can choose between them so as Nan was online i flipped a coin and its Millie who gets a dedication first.

Well it was a year and 3 days ago that i first spoke to Millie and my first impression was that she was a very friendly admin who loved chatting to her loyal subjects. Even if some like me are forever breaking the one line rules or scaring off potential members by being a total nutcase :S a prime example of this would be pracktickal magicks addition or subtraction of points topic.
However as evidence in some of her own posts shes a crazy as the rest of us which is uber cool. No matter what her own problems are shes always there to help us all out with whatevers bothering us. I cant wait til november when i actually get to meet her and february's indeffinate stay in Oz.

Millie always comes across as being talented at anything she trys such as writing art ect but some times has a bit of a lack of confidence in her abilities. But all im gonna say is you're awesome :P

I wanna thank you for all the help youve given me with Oz, the course and most of all with my faith thanks Mill *hugs*
well as i've said before youve helped me out with a lot for which i am very gratefull and you're one of the bestest friends i could have wished for. The trio you, nan and me friends forever. *group hug*

love Kezchan

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I had lots to write... but I'm tired... and my stomach hurts. [03 Apr 2005|09:53pm]

I did I swear.

And my stomach is murder. My period came early again. Not that you needed or wanted to know. ;_;
*rolls on ground in pain*
I hate it.

And I spoke to Ash... if you could call it that... it was very awkward... *sighs* but at least it wasn't all morose this time... at least there was the odd stiffled laugh. better than last time when their were tears. and glares... get the point? *sighs*

he did it again though ;_;

all over that chick I can't stand, and she was all over him. When I sat next to him and began 'talking' to him, she turned and glared at me, giving me the worst greasies... and she never looked away until I got up and walked away from him... then to make it all better... they both left the rehearsal at the same time and she walked out of the hall clinging to his arm and throwing me greasies.... ;_;

gee... I knew one day his flirting would lead him to trouble... *sad*

hmmm.... well... Morgs and her parents caught the plane to Canberra tonight...

And the 2 of us went and watched Miss Congeniality 2 last night... Rach? not as good as the 1st, but we were still cacking ourselves... there weren't many others in our cinema, but those that were there were glaring at us, cos there were times when we were practically rolling on the ground in fits of laughter... sadly most of it was due to the fact that we could SO relate... btw. Nan, it's really scarey. I forgot how much Morgana looks just how you used to before cutting your hair etc! XD It was quite scarey! ^_^ But Morgs and I have a lot in common too.

We were listening to music on my sterio, and Morgs was curious as to how loud up it could go. So she was turning it up ... slowly... I turned to her, completely blaze of course, cos thats just me for ya! and I'm like... 'oh... oh, when up full, my sterio is more than capable of shaking my room.'

She asked if it would blow the speakers, and when I said no, she braced herself and spun the dial hard and fast... before dying... she was just like, OMG!!! and we died of laughter. She turned it back down and she was like... 'well... you know... your sound system isn't too bad I guess.' <-- note that was sarcastic, my system is da bomb! ^_^


Anyway... I'm gonna go have the Hot Chocolate dad made me now :P

Love Millie

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*lonely* [31 Mar 2005|09:37am]


Love Millie

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