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loooooooooooooooooooooong post ahead!

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ok... *grins*


don't worry, I'm here now :P


ah! yes...

The jackets. Both of them are black, one is just plain black (with a few zips here and there ^_~ ) and the other has silver and glitter paint all over it in randomness.

I got 2 new silver bracelets, one just a plain chain, the other a charm bracelet.

I got a few new ornamental hair peices.

I GOT A NEW FLUFFY HAT JUST LIKE MY GREY ONE THAT LOOKS LIKE A KOALA!!!!!!! except this one is black! ^_^ hehe... one day I'll show you photos of them both... *ish in love with her hats*

... I think thats it... *grins*

*happy* to the long awaited for DEDICTAIONS!!!

To Nitya (nousia).

You were one of the first people to welcome me abord the HMS Pumpkin Pie over at Portkey. At first I was rather intimidated by you all, but soon after I think you were all intimidated by me ^^' oops! *huggles* Ah... those were good days... but you were very kind and caring, and helped me find my feet in the fandom! ^_^

but even now, even though I never go to Portkey anymore :P and even though I know I've driven you along with everyone else insane with my Pracktickal Magick mania, you're still a very dear OL friend of mine ^_^ *huggles* you're always very sweet (and an excellent author) and I wish you all the best.

You've definitly been a positive influence in my life and have helped me through bad times. *huggles*

Love you Nitya! xox!

To Rachel (sye_no_more).

Well. I've been talking to you for not very long at all! ^_^ but allready I can tell that you are a loving, caring, and very loyal friend. I saw you over at Nan's journal and thought, what a sweetie-pie! I wanna friend her! ^_^ lol!

no regrets! *huggles*

you seem very sweet indeed, and seem to have a lot of troubled times in your life... :( *huggles*

but remember, you are a great person! *huggles*

Love you Rach! xox!

To Mandy (the_weird_one16).

Well sweetie. I don't even know where to begin.

I first met you... I think I was in year 10? I saw you at a band thing, and you looked really lonely, I wanted to go and say hi, but me being as chicken as I am, didn't. As the years went by, well, we slowly started talking didn't we? ^_^ I remember back when I was in year 11. It was the day of the HP5 book launch, and we had a stupid band performance. *grumbles* anyway. I had come to this performance straight from the launch, and had my nose buried in the book, as you do. I remember you came up to me and we started talking about the fifth book and where we were up to etc. That was the beginning of a great friendship!

You taught me a lot Mandy! *huggles*

I hope life has been treating you well. *huggles*

Love ya! xox!

To Pauline (lina_nightash).

hehe! well. I've only known you a little while. But you're sure as hell entertaining :P *huggles*



Love Millie

p.s. eep! I see little grey tomorrow... o.0 ... and ... I'm inviting him to my b-day party! ^_^ w00t! ^_^
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Hey Millie, thanks for that link to the LiveJournal Help. i found it. I was reading ur resent posts, u do update your journal quite often. Spose i should do the same, i did update it tonite tho... Will just have to keep that up :-) How's your work for Tafe goin? Talk2u soon Kyle ~ ~ (^_^) \|/
OOh..did you invite Little Grey? *is so nosy..* Hope the party goes off well! :)

Glad you're happy *hugs*

And have to say it..your handwriting rocks. :D

Aww! *hugs again* You've helped me too, Millie ;)