Silver Ice-Dragon (manas_lover) wrote in weareloveplzxd,
Silver Ice-Dragon

Hey guys, I'm really really sorry for my last post. Normally foul language isn't in my vocabulary...

I've calmed down a bit now though... and dad made me a Hot Chocolate (his are the best!)

I've fixed msot of the problems... only thing I can't fix is that all my members are gone ;_;


But anyway...

I'm really sorry guys...

I guess... that... and my art stuff... and the fact that today mum started yelling at me to get on our nebuliser, and I had no idea what her problem was... she was yelling at me to get on there before I damn well died... I've been so stressed again lately... so hurt...

I didn't realise until the medication had run out and I was shaking so badly, just how bad the asthma attack I didn't even realise I was having, was.


Again, I'm really sorry guys...

Love Millie
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