Silver Ice-Dragon (manas_lover) wrote in weareloveplzxd,
Silver Ice-Dragon

Hey all, I'd like to thank nan_chan and rolephant, simply cos I can. *huggles*

And to lina_nightash, that shape you did in 3D was teh coolest! It's a pity your puter froze... and made my screen go fuzzy.


Thank-you to nousia and sye_no_more, for understanding my situation earlier... you helped me feel better... but I don't want to go home yet... *sighs*


And I have yet to do my dedication for today... hopefully I get to go online tonight... if not, I will do 2 tomorrow.

but todays is to; nousia.


hopefully I'll get it done tonight... if I don't get murdered... *sighs*


Love Millie
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