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Silver Ice-Dragon

To Kez

Ok, well yesterday my dedication was to my nan-chan, today?

Well this one was marvellous! ^_^ I was so enthralled when I saw members upon members rolling in to Pracktickal Magick, I was always on cloud nine, and a bit crazy, saying 'More, more!' hehe. But I must admit. When one of our new members, meh, some chick registered as kelly_mewes, started talking to Nanja, and started talking to her lots, well... I hang my head in shame for this, but there's no point in lying. I must admit. I was very very jealous. But figuring their was nothing I could do about it... I just became more obsessed with my site, feeling I had lost my Nan-chan, so I needed something else to cling to (I was going through hell in RL at that time). But as luck would have it. As I became obsessed with my site, I was talking to members other than nan-chan (*gasps* OMG!) and that ended up meaning, I was talking to this... kelly_mewes :P

Never looked back either.

As Kez and I started to mesh, I felt more comfortable talking to nan again, and so not only did I have my coolest friend in the monoverse, but I had another super cool friend (who's status grew very quickly and joined Nan's.)

If it weren't for Nan and Kez, hell. I don't think I'd be here today. And I know that this dedication is supposed to be to Kez, but yesterday, it was supposed to be for Nan :P ... but the thing is, the two of them have become such integral people to my existance. I love both my Nan and my Kez, and the 3 of us get up to alot of mischive together!

But when Kez joined (or maybe I rejoined and nan had a +1 ^_^' ), she had this capacity to always make me laugh, to always cheer me up. I knew then and there that I had a friend for life, and one that would always be there for me. I've yet to be proven wrong!


Kezzie, thou art the best! You and your super cool musical talent, your awesome comics, and your awesome fanfics! Love you girl!

Trio forever it shall be.

Love Millie
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aw thanks millie *hugs* that was so sweet!
Im so sorry you thought i was taking Nan away from you. Its just she was the only person i knew and i felt weird talking to other people to start with.
indeed the trio forever!!!
*huggles* thanks Mill ^_^V
*huggles* sorry, I had to be honest. But I got over it real quickly, and realised how stupid I had been! XD


Love Millie
its ok im glad that you were honest :)

friends are supposed to be honest right? ;)


Love Millie