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The worlds court jester

dedication to Nani doo

ok well yesterday was Millies dedication so today means its the mighty Nan's turn.

Ok over a year and a half ago me and Mitchel were at our old haunt the secret sis room ( a computer room only a few know of) and i was searching fan that mitchel had shown me and the first fan fic i found was intemporalitor (<< apologies if misspelt) it was of course one of Nans fics and i was so engrossed by the story i suddenly looked up to find i was half an hour late for my IT class. Anyway she had said that if anyone wanted to email her after reading her story they were more than welcome to and i kept thinking i should email her she seems very cool but i never did cos i didnt know what to say. Anyway i kept reading the fan fic and i was really honoured when she mentioned me in her thanks for posting a review. I was like wow that is soo cool! Any way i read her later fics and she emailed me saying that one of her chapters would be late because of beta problems and i read the non beta version told her i really likeed it and we started emailing from there. Now it was quite a bad time for me when we started chatting you guys know about Jay and Charlene had been nasty to me too so i was hiding away in the computer room and i really looked forward to the email ofthe day cos it was nice to know that there were still people out there who were nice to me. I knew straight away that i could trust her and now over a year later she is now one of my best friends.
I know that sometimes when im feeling down due to something or other im not great company. I know that everyone has problems and i shouldnt bombarerd you with mine but you always stick up for me and knowing i can talk to you of a day makes time at home a lot easier to handle and you always cheer me up with your bonkersness (<< new word added to the zogtronian language)
You and me have the same interests too and im much gratefull for you introducing me to the greatness of j-rock, the most awesomeness music on the planet!!!
In the time ive known you ive become a happier, crazier more confident peerson and its all down to you and out of all the people ive ever met no ones ever had so much of a possitive effect on me.
I love talking to you and the first thing i do when i get to the computer is to see if you are on msn, i love talking with you wether it be our weird little adventures, crazy drunkenesss or just general day to day bonkersness you rule!
Im always amazed by the amount of projects you do and how you still manage to chat to us your adoring public.
Anyway i justed want to finish by saying what an awesome person you are and an extremely mint friend you are too. Your abilities whether it be your amazing talent for english ( waay better than me at english), your web/ avatar ablities and your love for music is awesome and very inspiring.
So heres to my little sis Nani doo - the craziest, coolest and awesomest person i ever did meet.

*hugs* love ya Zusje

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